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Friday, 26 February 2016

EDY's Place Hair Studio Review

A picture after the makeover
"Hair Style reflects your personality", don't you agree? 

It is an amazing makeover day at EDY's Place Hair Studio which is located in Sungai Long, Kajang. Undeniably, EDY's Place Hair Studio provides professional services as they use high quality products and they have amazing skills to meet the needs of customers of all social status. In addition to that, they are friendly to the customers. No matter how busy they are, you will always get greeted with a smile and also a friendly "thank you" when you are leaving. 

 In today's fast-paced society, I think that a hair saloon cannot only serve as a hair saloon solely. In fact, a hair studio like EDY's Place is what I desired. This is because EDY's Place Hair Studio offers wide range of services from hair styling to manicure/pedicure and even make-up services.

The hair studio is so spacious with simple and nice design whereas the environment is kinda relaxing. Everything in the hair studio is well organized. For instance, there are magazine holders and shelves of styling products and merchandise for customers to purchase in the foyer of the shop. Furthermore, the display always looks presentable and welcoming to customers. Moreover, the floors are swept throughout the day in order to make customers feel more comfortable and won't feel like they are being surrounded by other people's hair on the floor.
The comfortable red sofa at the waiting area

The foyer of the shop with magazine holders and shelves of styling products and merchandise for customers to purchase.

The spacious hair studio with simple and nice design.

 The transformation of my hair and nails started right after the discussion between the hair stylist of the day, Edison, the manicurist, Suki and me. Don't be shy to talk to them as they are so friendly :) They give professional advice to me so that I can have a suitable hairstyle and manicure which will bring the best out in me.

At first, I am shy to talk.

But the hair stylist at Edy's Place Hair Studio is so friendly and he provides a thorough consultation for customers :)

The hair stylist skills are being tested when it comes to the colouring part. I feel proud to be able to meet Edison in person and the the hair colouring he did was awesome as there is no obvious line between the natural hair colour and the dip dye part. He made my hair colouring looks more natural and of course, I love it sooo much :)

To ensure the natural looking between the mixture of the hair colour and the dip dye colour.
This also prevents an obvious line between the hair colour and the dip dye colour.

They even cover my ears to prevent the hair colour stains on my skin.
That's a very thoughtful act! 

After the hair colouring, he proceeds to the hair treatment. Throughout the hair treatment, he will keep on massage my hair strands while applying the cream to ensure the treatment is evenly spread and also can penetrate deep into my hair!

First Step/ Inner Cream: Effective adsorb to and permeate damage parts.
Second Step/ Bind Cream: Create Even base on any kind of hair.
Third Step/ Outer Cream: Create Silky shine hair.
Hair treatment products

Apart from that, I kinda love their washing area. The basin supports my head well and the chair has multiple support which makes me feel comfortable when lying down. The hair stylist is gentle to my hair and he even take time to slowly wash and massage my hair. At EDY's Place Hair Studio, I can assure your hair will be pampered like a queen!
The washing area

Next, manicure ! <3
My happy face because of their great services !

Manicure area

I have been longing for a beautiful and long nails. Unfortunately, letting my nails grow too long inevitably results in breakage. In spite of that, EDY's Place Nail Bar made enhancements on my nails which involve applying nail extensions and decorating fingernails according to my requirements. I am indeed very satisfied with the outcome of my nails! My nails are shaped nicely and the cuticles are removed before proceeding to the manicure. Suki is such a creative and talented person! She is able to modify the colour and design to suit my nail shape, as well as my preference!
Shaping my nails.

The main thing I love about my manicure is that it will fully dry and harden up in a very short while by using the LED light provided (the red box in the picture below). Therefore, I can move my fingers without worrying that it will be ruined by any scratches :) 
Besides, there will be some blink blink for my nail design. At EDY's Place Nail Bar, they uses bonding agent instead of which make it attached to the nail better and can last longer.
Suki is modifying the colour based on my nail shape.
The red box is where I place my hand for my manicure to dry fully and harden up in a short while under the LED light.

After the hair colouring, hair treatment and also the manicure, it is time for the make-up service at the make-up area!
The make up area.

Are you eager to see my overall final design?
If you followed me on Instagram, you might have already seen it.
If you have not, please follow me now @tammyyy512, okie?
Before my makeover.
Tadaaa...Blue dip dye with a matching manicure <3

I am so in love with my current hairstyle which the colour can be seen so bright and sharp under light whereas the colour is not too obvious during indoor. This hair style by Edy's Place Hair Studio totally meet my requirements.

To be honest, I love both the hair style and the manicure done by Edy's Place Hair Studio & Edy's Place Nail Bar <3

In conclusion, Edy's Place Hair Studio & Edy's Place Nail Bar supply professional services that enhance my physical appearance.
Edy's Place Hair Studio- Hair services and nail services that you can trust.
(p.s. Wi-Fi is available inside EDY's Place Hair Studio which I think is sort of important to me. Teheee. I can scroll my phone and even upload photos while I am waiting my hair and manicure to be done. Yay!)

Edy's Place Hair Studio

No.53G, Jalan SL 1/4,

Bandar Sungai Long,

43000 Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia

03-8210 5335

Operation hours:
Open daily from 8 am to 10 pm.



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